Roland is back at Dancefair


Roland has been the most well-known synthesizer-, piano-, and keyboard- manufacturer in the world.

Roland received its eternal fame due to their amazing gear that started the house revolution. In most music productions of  the 80’s and 90’s the TR606, TR707, TR808, TR909, drum computers and the Juno6 were used.

The Italo sound would not have existed without the Jupiter 8, and don’t forget the acid sound of the TB303. In the early days of trance, we couldn’t ignore the JP8000 and JP8080 with its well-known supersaw waveform, and we can go on and on..

These days they are still making beautiful synths, which today’s EDM sound can handle easily, like the GAIA and the flagship ‘Jupiter 80’.

They will come big at Dancefair. And believe us. You definitely don’t want to miss this!