Interview with Dancefair founder Norman Soares


What is Dancefair Ibiza exactly and tell us something about the history

“Dancefair Ibiza is a two day event for everyone that is keen to know more about every aspect of the music industry with a pimary focus on DJ’s and Producers, but also on peope who want to get inside the industry as a starting record label or event organizer.
At Dancefair Ibiza, renowned artists, labels and other industry professionals give masterclasses, workshops and seminars to help anyone that wants to learn more about the tricks of the trade, in every sense of the word. There is an expo floor with the latest gear, there are labels to drop your productions and you can network.
On Wednesday the 24th we focus on Underground music and on Thursday the 25th we go a little more commercial with EDM artists attending.
We started out our first edition in the Netherlands in February 2012 and after three editions we welcomed over 12.000 visitors. Ibiza is our first world tour stop. Bangkok, Jakarta and more countries are on schedule as well.”

But what makes Dancefair different than an ADE or IMS?

“There are many events out there that is primarely for industry only, where renowned artists do business with a battery of managers and bookers around them talking with promotors and labels. That is great, and very nescessary and important, but we always found that there was a great void between the settled names that make more then a big living out of music, and the ones that have alot of talent, having no or little income from their music productions, gigs and events but are in need of information to get themselves to the next level. We wanted to create a vibe where they feel very welcome as well and where they can ask all their burning questions.
By organizing Dancefair we created an event for the ones with big dreams, passion and drive that want to listen, learn and to become inspired. The ones that dream about succes and want to learn from the ones that already climbed the ladder. For those we stand for and we try to set up a program to fulfill their needs.”

Where is Dancefair Ibiza held?

“The location is really very inspiring! It’s at Benimussa park at San Antonio. It’s an open-air location with 4 different areas, a seal pit, a swimming pool and am indoor area. It’s really perfect for Dancefair Ibiza. The infamous Zoo Project also takes place there. The event is from 15:00 to 23:30 on both days.”

Tell us a little more about the program of Dancefair Ibiza

“A lot of music makers look up to the big producers and DJs. How do they make their music? What kind of software and hardware do they use? And where do they get inspired from, or what do they do if they have a writers block? The cool thing about these topics are that if you hear those renowned artists speak about it, the distance between the artists and the audience almost dissapears. Because everyone walks up into the same walls now and again, wether you sell hundreds of thousands of track or haven’t sold one yet, Norman laughs. “The frustrations, but also the joy you get by creating that massive hook or that great loop is the same. It’s truly earcandy for up and coming DJs and Producers to hear the exact same stories of their heroes. Because it is so recognizable it gives a particulare boost that far away dreams could be very nearby and therfore is so inspirational.
Together with the attending artists we also focus on success. Because what makes someone succesful? And what do you have to do or leave to become one? The road stories of artists are very interesting to hear and to learn from.
Also, there are workshops on how to promote yourself online with a small or no budget, time management like seminars and much more topics to get the best out of yourself as an entrepreneur in the electronic music industry.”

Is there also music, so people can party there?

“Ibiza is music, so from 19:00 on we will have DJs playing. People that love to do a dance only or want to learn and dance after or enjoy some great music, Dancefair is the place!”

What artists are already involved?

“We are in the middle of  involving many artists and industry specialists to attend in panels and workshops. Untill now we confirmed Sneak, Marco Bailey, Shlomi Aber, Mauro Picotto, UNER, Cristian Varela, Coyu, Dosem, Chus & Ceballos, Michel Cleis, Uto Karem, Dale Howard, ONNO, AFFKT, Benny Rodrigues, Patrick Topping, Camiel Daamen and Gabriel & Castellon on the 24th of September.
On the 25th we confirmed Paul van Dyk, Laidback Luke, Aly & Fila, Shermanology, John O Callaghan, Vato Gonzalez, Danny Wade, Paulhard and Juanjo Martin.
But many more will be confirmed coming weeks!”