Dancefair Success Stories II: Jack Zwarts

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After Jack Zwarts met the A&R’s of Deep Sense Records at Dancefair 2013 during the Demodrop, he got to sign his first EP release. With 2 albums out on Deep Sense Records and support from numerous artists like : Maya Jane Coles, Luciano, Ritchie Hawtin, Phil Weeks and Tony Dee, his future looks brighter than ever. We talked to Jack what’s up.

Jack, can you tell us a little about your releases?

“I have an album called ‘Street Visions’ which got signed during Dancefair 2013 with the guys of Deep Sense Records. End of December my second album will also come out on DSR and my third album later next year will be released on my own label.”

How did you found out about Dancefair and tell us what happened after.

“The first time I went to DF was in 2012. I got some DF tickets from a DJ/Producer friend of mine named Dominique Base. I learned so much that day! First off, I wanted to network and to check out some seminars, but I found out rather quickly I should have brought my productions with me. So in 2013, when I attended DF again, I took some of my latest tracks with me. I was in need of some proper feedback, but was so nervous, unbelievable! Hahah! I was so scared to be slaughtered by all the labels, but the unexpected happened; many labels wanted to release my tracks. I was completely shocked by the positive reactions. At that point I knew that my sound was going the right way. I was walking on clouds!”

What would you tell the next DJ/Producer about Dancefair?

“Well guys, listen. There is simply no other place where you can get in contact so easily with dozens of labels and fellow Producers to share your music with and talk about your music. The feedback you get is incredibly helpful. Furthermore, checking out the seminars, workshops and panels is a must for every artist to know what’s up in the biz, the rights and wrongs, what you should do as an artist or better not. I think Dancefair is essential for everyone who takes their musical career seriously.”

Are you coming to DF 2014? And which topics appeal to you the most next edition?

“I will definitely come. I will check everything I can. I noticed the program has deepened a lot! Thumbs up! But I’m always most interested in the topics of the Mixing & Mastering Area, Ableton Room and the Native Instruments Room. And will also check out the Clearing Samples seminar as well the DJ Marketing and Organize Your Own Event workshop!”

Check out Jack Zwarts’ music at Deep Sense Records here on Beatport