Higher education: Pro Audio Summit


By introducing the new concept ‘Pro Audio Summit’ in 2014, Dancefair will extend its ambitions even further.

Pro Audio Summit is an intimate gathering of audio engineers and musicians in search of knowledge and new contacts. The event serves the educational needs of like minded individuals operating in the music industry through technical seminars. The extraordinary network area and exhibition floor will offer great opportunities to create new business and . The organization is a co-operation between Wisseloord Studios, Gearslutz, Interface and Dancefair.


The panel members will share their experiences and talk about the rules of the game, like:

  • The Process Of Producing A Multimillion Selling Record
  • Setting up a New Studio
  • Analog vs Digital
  • Arrangement & Song structure
  • Live recording & Mic Placement
  • Mixing Techniques: Mixing Bass & Kicks
  • Mixdown & Mastering techniques
  • Professionalism in a pro-audio field