Henry Samiento
15 Nov

Tijdens Dancefair Ibiza hebben wij echt een fantastische nieuwe spreker gevonden die vanuit Ibiza overvliegt om jullie de fijne kneepjes van het vak te vertellen over sound engineering. Wat een geweldenaar is deze man en wat kan hij inspirerend vertellen over het vak. In zijn studio in Ibiza, genaamd Sonic…

Schermafbeelding 2014-10-11 om 08.00.39
11 Oct

We were so excited to finally welcome Schneiders Buero to Dancefair Ibiza! Schneiders Buero is the supplier of the world’s coolest synth and modular brands of the world and are based in Berlin. They brought a great arsenal of products from the likes of Vermona, MFB, Doepfer, Sherman, Koma Elektronik…

sonic vista cropped
25 Sep

Henry Samiento, head honcho of Ibiza’s number one studio Sonic Vista Studios will host four seminars at Dancefair Ibiza to help you with all your questions about mixing and mastering! He will be speaking about the mixing and its aspects to create a solid and powerful mix, especially the relation between…

25 Sep

Today massive live performances! Starting at 4 PM with Danny Wade, star DJ in the making getting amazing feedback. At 5 PM Session will be filled by Paulhard with his raw energy! Third set at 6 PM is D-wayne whose career has taken off at lightning speed. Last set at 7 PM is…

Gabriel and Castellon
25 Sep

Gabriel & Castellon have churned out one clubbanger after another. Roger Sanchez’ label Stealth, Ministry of Sound, Fedde le Grand’s Flamingo records they played and have been played all around the world. Radio 538’s Dance Department, BBC Radio 1, Defected Radio, Ministry of Sound and many others always showed their…

ushuaia presents javier ferrer
25 Sep

If you’ve missed Javier Ferrer yesterday you can still join in today. The engineer of the in-house Ushuaia studio will reveal a new way of electronic live performance. A new concept based on a new way to make live electronic music from scratch! Javier is also looking for talent! Maybe…

25 Sep

Listen to these top DJs and producers! We’ve put together a panel with Albert Neve, Shermanology and Stadium X at 5:30 PM and a panel with Spanish top talents Monica X, Danny Wade and Paulhard at 7:30 PM. Join in @ Mixmag room, listen and ask your burning questions!

Albert Neve
25 Sep

Today Albert Neve  will reveal his studio workflow and tell all about his method of producing. This Spanish mastermind is currently one of the top music icons in Spain and is about to explode worldwide! Start at 3:30 PM @ Future Music / Point Blank room. We couldn’t me more excited!

24 Sep

Many questions if there are still doorsales. The question is YES!

24 Sep

What you need besides talent? You might be as musically gifted but if you don’t have the other qualities it takes to make it, you will be staring at your bedroom wall forever. What are those qualities? Woody van Eyden (Heaven’s gate) and Eric van der Kwast (TTT Management) will throw…