Dancefair 17-2-2013-30


Is Dancefair an expo or a workshop event?


Both actually! Dancefair has a 2.000m2 expo floor with the latest (and renowned) audio and DJ gear and we organise 80 seminars and workshops each day with top notch artists, producers, bookers, artist managers, club owners and much more industry professionals. They will reveal and explain everything about their music and the industry. It will be a day yo to help you as an electronic musician, lover and to get you even more inspired!


Where is Dancefair Ibiza?


Dancefair Ibiza is held in Benimussa Park, San Antonio, Ibiza.


What are the opening hours?

Thursday the 25th of September: 15:00 – 00:00

Friday the 26th of September: 15:00 – 00:00


I’m a dj, not a producer.. Is Dancefair something for me as well?


Yes, of course. We have seminars about DJ marketing, managing your music collection properly, time management, workshops, DJ techniques and of course the latest developments on DJ gear at the Dancefair expo floor.


I’m not a DJ, nor a producer yet. But I just love it all and I have an interest in DJing and making music… Isn’t Dancefair more for professionals?


Dancefair is for everyone that has an interest in electronic music. No matter what, or who you are. We think that you can get pretty inspired by visiting Dancefair.



Is there  a party during the event, in other words, can we dance over there as well?


Yes you can! Great artist performances will be scheduled! Check the website every now and then for updates.



Are all seminars English spoken?


The majority is, but some are Spanish. When we reveal the program,  we will inform you which are Spanish or English spoken.

Do you guys have any more tips?


1. Come fresh and well rested to the event. You will receive loads of information and impulses. See it as a school day, full of classes, but… filled topics you really enjoy. It will be inspiring & tiring. So rest well before Dancefair.


2. Bring your laptop if you have one.  (if you don’t have one your ok too, don’t worry.)

The cool thing about bringing a laptop with some DAW installed, is that you can test stuff out while having a DAW seminar for instance. Perhaps you ask something about your productions or about software you use to one of the developers at the expo floor. Or perhaps even to your favourite artist!


3. Make sure you leave home with a fully charged phone. The Dancefair app will be a wonderful tool too guide you through the event and keep you up to date on all highlights. A unique & futuristic on line environment with gifts, tweets, friends, discounts and many more crazy tools we haven’t revealed yet, so stay posted through social media.